• Pastor Bohannon Baptizes Sister Maia in Jesus Name at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Presents Holy Ghost Certs to Sis Maia, Bro Parker, and Bro Raul at TLC
  • This Year's TLC Bike-A-Thone Fundraiser Winners
  • TLC Sunday School Students of the Quarter
  • Sis Nikki presents Sunday School Star Student Awards
  • Pastor Bohannon presents Baptism and Holy Ghost Certs to Bro and SIs Lowery and Bro Camron
  • Pastor Bohannon Presents Baptism and Holy Ghost Certs to Bro Sampson
  • Pastor Bohannon Baptized Brother Samson Portesano in Jesus Name at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Baptizes Bro Parker Lowery in Jesus Name at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Baptizes Sister Yessey Lowery in Jesus Name at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Baptizes Bro Cameron in Jesus Name at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Baptizes Sis Denise Rhodes in Jesus Name at TLC
  • TLC Praise Group Sings on Resurrection Sunday
  • TLC Kids Choir Sings on Resurrection Sunday at TLC
  • Pastor Bohannon Presents a Holy Ghost Certificate to Brother Edrei Gonzalez


Welcome to The Life Church!


We hope that this website becomes an important portal for you to personally discover what God is doing for and through the Pentecostals of North County. Whether you are enjoying an archived message, joining our Live Stream Service or just checking out the latest pictures; we want this site to be a blessing to you and yours! And if you happen to be within 99 miles of our Church during a Service…come join us LIVE and experience the Apostolic Difference!


Blessings-Pastor & Sis. Jason Bohannon and Family


  • Join The TLC Family On Our 52 Day Fast

    The Life Church Family is going on a 52 day fast.

    We are all going to be giving up something for these 52 days.

    We are also going to be spending time earnestly praying every day.

    We have some serious needs and we know our God is able to provide.

    So come join us in this time of dedication and see God do what only He can and will do.


  • Brother Miranda's Class on Worship

    Please see the link below to listen to an excellent lesson worship given by Brother Al Miranda.





  • Sunday School Newsletters are now on our Website

    Our Sunday School teachers are doing a wonderful job teaching our kids more about God each week.

    Please check out the newsletters for each class.

    Check out the link below.

    Sunday School Newsletters

  • Recent Photos as of 3 Sept 2023

    Please enjoy the latest photos from the Life Church.

    These include some additional photos from our recent baptisms, our recent Holy Ghost Certificate presentations, our new Annual Bike-A-Thon, the 2023 Kids Crusade and our All Church Work Days and now our Labor Day at the Park.