Bro Javi’s Thoughts

October is here! Which means it’s time to celebrate! Now when I say celebrate, I’m speaking of a particular celebration. One that doesn’t get the attention it so rightfully deserves. In case you’re gathering your educated guesses...

No, this celebration has nothing to do with an Italian explorer who set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a faster route to the Far East (Columbus Day). No, this celebration doesn’t involve random “National Days” (e.g. "National Smile Day”) you see in social media. Not a bad idea although, there shouldn’t have to be a national day to remind someone to smile but I digress. Finally, to round off the many possibilities, dressing up as someone else or something else is not the celebration I’m referring to nor am I advocating for it.

Without further delay, (Drumroll)...
It’s Pastor Appreciation Month and this celebration is worth double honor! (I Timothy 5:17-19) The King James Dictionary defines
a Pastor as a Shepherd, one that has to care of flocks and herds. Shepherd’s primary responsibilities include the protection, feeding, up-keep and welfare of the flock. Without a doubt, that best describes our Pastor. He protects and feeds our souls by preaching/teaching The Word of The Lord year in and year out (II Timothy 4:2). He is absolutely diligent of our well being (Proverbs 27:23). He is actively involved in the entire welfare of this congregation. Pastor Miraflor checks all the boxes of a true Man of God. That’s not even the half of it. In addition to being a devoted yet selfless Pastor, he’s also a full-time Father and Husband. As mentioned afore time,
this celebration is worth double honor. So Pastor, this church body honors you and your precious family for ALL you folks do!

In closing, we thank The Lord for the grand opportunity to be under your Pastorship. Please know that a month doesn’t amount to how much we love and appreciate you!

Bro. Javi

  March 2020  
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