Season of Change

At 6:54pm on Saturday September 22, 2018 the United States of America (and the northern hemisphere) marked the Autumnal Equinox, more commonly known as the first day of fall. There are lots of reasons to enjoy the fall season. The weather starts to cool down which means we get to wear hoodies and sweaters. There’s also camp fires and apple cider, corn mazes and harvest festivals, even the smell of pumpkin pie coming from the kitchen.

Yes, fall is a wonderful time of year but fall also marks the time of year when farmers harvest the remaining crops, leaves fall from trees, flowers die, and certain animals leave with abandon for warmer climate. Truth is, when fall starts it’s beautiful but when it ends it leaves a bleak picture of the winter to come. And while fall leads winter and the brutally weather that it can bring we all know that this season is just as important as Spring and Summer which we all enjoy so much.

Solomon wrote about the different seasons of life in Ecclesiastes chapter 3. He reminds us that to enjoy the pleasant seasons of life there must be the harsh seasons that cause the weak and frail to die off. The leaves may fall off a tree which can leave it bare and unappealing, but the branches and the roots remain. And the snow and rain that comes and beats on the tree is eventually taken up by the roots and used by the tree to sustain life. And the tree becomes full of life the next spring because it withstood the season of change.

As you embrace your favorite traditions and memories of fall, remember. While the weather (life) is getting colder and sometimes hard to bare. Spring is just around the corner and if we can endure this season, God will see us through the harvest into spring again.

Brother Walker

  March 2020  
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