A Mountain to a Mole Hill

I know this saying is backwards to how we’re used to hearing it, but that’s on purpose. 

There are times in our lives that we can take the smallest situation and see it as something over-whelming and impossible. And probably for us women this rings more true than for the more logical thinking men. But when we are faced with a serious mountain that is too hard for us to climb, not one we’ve just imagined in our minds, how can we turn that into a mole hill? 

I think about examples from women in the Bible that were faced with serious situations, a real mountain, and how they turned what they faced into a mole hill; Esther saving her people, Jochebed saving her son, just to name a few. One story in particular that I want to share is found in 1 Samuel chapter 25. 

“....and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance:...” 

Abigail faced a mountain. Something had risen in front of her that could have truly destroyed those within her household and her world as she knew it. This was certainly a circumstance that seemed out of Abigail’s control from the outside. A circumstance brought on by her own household. However, her being a woman of “good understanding” as the Bible proclaims, she decided to take that mountain and turn it into a mole hill. 

Abigail’s first example to us is not to fear what we face. She was willing to face her mountain head on. She pulled together what resources she had and went to meet King David herself, humbling and submitting herself before him. Secondly, she shows us by her example that even when we have not been the one to create the mountain we face, we have two choices. To sit back and allow it to bring destruction to our lives or to turn it around to bring favor and blessing into our lives and those we love. By the decision Abigail made, it brought favor upon those in her charge and also upon her own future by not backing down to that mountain that could have, and even should have, been intimidating. 

How do we turn our mountains into mole hills? 

By being prayerful and reading God’s Word. These two coupled together create the best recipe in turning mountains into mole hills. I know it might seem simple, but it really is that simple. 


Like Abigail, in order to be a “woman of understanding”, that insight and wisdom will come through God’s Word. To be a woman of a “beautiful countenance”, not fearful to face the mountains before us, through our prayers and petitions to God we can walk with confidence into the future knowing that God not only has our back, but His merciful favor is upon us as well. 

Remember this, your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them. It’s your choice what it will be. Mountain? Or Mole hill? 

Sis Miraflor

  June 2021  
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