Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. The top peak reaches a staggering 29,029 feet above sea level. The heights of this mountain make it dangerous to climb. In fact, since 1978, over 280 adventurists have lost their lives chasing the thrill of reaching the world’s tallest peak. To date, more than 200 of those adventurists’ remains lie entombed around the peak of
this treacherous mountain. Mount Everest to most, is the impossible climb. We are not conditioned, trained, or skilled to complete such a perilous journey. While not a physical climb, we face spiritual mountains on a regular basis. Some mountains are smaller than others, but there are times where we face a spiritual Mount Everest. It is a mountain in which we are not conditioned, trained, or skilled to climb.

While thinking of the impossible climb, I want you to ponder this; The Earth is orbiting the Sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. At the same time, the Earth is rotating at a speed of nearly 1,000 miles an hour. That means you and I are spinning around at a speed of over 1,000 miles per hour while traveling through space at 67,000 miles per hour. If the world were to stop in place, everything on Earth would continue to travel at this high rate of speed, ending all life as we know it. It is truly fascinating when you think about it, but that’s not all.

While we are spinning and moving throughout this universe, take a moment to look at the stars. Did you see one flicker? That flicker was most likely caused by something obstructing our view. Now, think of this. The North Star is 433.8 light years away. The flicker you saw coming from the North Star may have actually occurred in the late 1500s. Think about that. If it takes 433.8 years for light from the North Star to reach our eyes, the light we are seeing now is more than 433 years old. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here is my point. We serve an awesome God. Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” When God spoke the world into existence, He did not just create an Earth with things on it; he thought of everything. Ephesians 1:11 tells us that God worketh all things after the counsel of His own will. Before God spoke the world into existence, He thought of how the Earth is going to spin and travel through space while everything on the planet remains “still.” When God created the stars, He didn’t just place them in the sky, He also created the light between the stars and the Earth so His creations can gaze upon them in wonder. He created the framework of the world in His mind before He ever spoke a single word.

This is the amazing God we serve. It’s God’s creations that continue to baffle physicists, archeologists, ecologists, and scientists. He’s the God that heals the sick, lame, and broken hearted. He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. He’s the God that created all things on this Earth, in a complex and magnificent way. This is the same God that robed Himself in flesh, came to the Earth He created, only to be rejected and die for our sins. Simply put, this amazing God loves us.

The point of this is to simply say, we serve an all-powerful, awesome God who loves us dearly. When we are facing the impossible mountain, we have a guide who is conditioned, trained, and skilled to climb it. We have a guide who will not leave us at the top of the mountain. Our guide is God. He will see you through and over the mountain. When looking towards the impossible peak, just remember how powerful God is, remember His love, and know He will take you through. With men, this mountain is impossible, but with God, all mountains are possible.

Bro Atkins

  October 2019  
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